Ductless AC Suffolk County

Ductless AC Suffolk County

When the weather gets hot and humid, we tend to crank up our AC units for hours on end to keep us cool and comfortable. However, using your air conditioning system throughout the day can significantly increase your monthly energy bills. Which is why Suffolk County homeowners are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and save money on utility bills. One of the easiest ways to do so is to switch from a traditional air conditioner to a ductless mini split air conditioner.

At Long Island Service, we offer different types of ductless AC services in Suffolk County and its surrounding cities. Whether you need to have your ductless AC repaired or installed, our team of licensed technicians is here to help! We’re well aware that every home is different, so we make sure to offer custom solutions for every home. You can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best ductless AC services.

Ductless AC – How It Works

Traditional AC units need ductwork to send conditioning air into your home. While traditional AC can get the job done, the process can be inefficient. Experts say that 30% of the conditioned air is lost in the ductwork and the percentage goes up if the ducts are dirty.

With ductless AC systems, you don’t need extensive ductwork since it can be easily mounted to the walls. Ductless AC units are connected by copper wiring to a larger condenser unit. With ductless AC, you can get cool air through your home without depending on ducts.

The Benefits of Switching to Ductless AC

When it comes to using a ductless AC for your home, the benefits are endless! Homeowners in Suffolk County are making the switch because of the following reasons, such as:

  • Monthly Energy Savings
  • More Environmentally Friendly
  • Increased Indoor Comfort
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Easy to Install
  • Runs Quieter than Traditional AC

Ductless AC Maintenance and Repair Services

Are you looking for fast and effective maintenance and repair services? Long Island Service has got you covered. Your ductless AC needs regular maintenance to avoid potential problems and costly repairs. Our expert technicians recommend a system tune-up and maintenance services for your ductless AC at least once or twice a year.

Fast and Easy Ductless AC Installations

Ductless AC systems are easier to install compared to traditional AC since don’t require any ductwork. At Long Island Service, we can install your brand new ductless AC in any part of your home, saving you some valuable time and money. Whether you need to install one in your garage, guest room, studio, or apartment, our technicians can get the job done in no time.

Schedule Your Ductless AC Services Today!

At Long Island Service, we only hire highly trained and licensed technicians. They undergo rigorous training when it comes to performing HVAC services so we can repair, install, maintain, clean, or service your unit as quickly as possible. To schedule an appointment with us, don’t hesitate to contact Long Island Service.