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Water heaters are important in our everyday life. It helps keep your home clean and comfortable. When your hot water heater stops working, washing dishes, clothes, and even showering becomes an inconvenience, especially during winter. Don’t let a broken water heater get in the way of life!

Long Island Service offers a comprehensive water heater replacement, installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our technicians are trained and licensed to service commercial, residential, and tankless water heaters throughout Long Island and its surrounding cities. All of our technicians have the proper licenses and insurance to fix, clean, and service your hot water heaters. We stand behind our workmanship and it’s our guarantee to offer the highest quality work for an affordable price!

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There are many different types of hot water heaters available in the market today. The plumbers at Long Island Service have the necessary tools and expertise to deal with all of them. Here are some of the water heaters we service:

  • Tankless Water Heaters: As the name suggests, this type of heater doesn’t have a tank to store water. Instead, it heats the water on demand. A tankless water heater uses gas or electricity to heat water.
  • Traditional Tank Water Heaters: Unlike a tankless heater, traditional tank water heaters heat water using electricity, gas, or oil and then store the heated water in the tank. This is one of the cheapest options available.
  • Indirect Water Heaters: Similar to traditional tank heaters, this type of heaters store the water in the tank. However, the water is initially cool. The coil next to the tank will then heat the water stored in the tank. An indirect water heater is energy-efficient and it lasts long.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters: This type of heater work similarly to HVAC heat pumps, which uses electricity to heat a tank full of water. Heat pump water heaters are also environmentally friendly and it will most likely lower your monthly utility bills.
  • Solar Water Heaters: If you’re looking for a greener option, you might want to check out solar water heaters. Solar panels are placed on the roof to absorb warmth, which will then heat the water. This type of water heater can be expensive to install, but it can significantly lower your utility bills.

Don’t see your water heater on the list? We can still fix it! Just call Long Island Service or send us an email to get in touch with one of our expert plumbers.

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Water heaters come in many shapes and sizes. At Long Island Service, all of our technicians are skilled and highly trained to service all types of water heaters. It is our guarantee that our customers always get the best water heater service in all of Long Island.

If you have an issue with your hot water heater, Long Island Service has got you covered. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly plumbers via phone call or email to schedule your water heater service appointment today!