Oil to Gas Heating Conversion Long Island

Did you know that gas is cheaper and more reliable than oil? More and more homeowners in Long Island have made the switch from oil to gas heaters because of its known benefits. Long Island Service provides conversion services to the residents of Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and its surrounding areas.

5 Reasons to Choose Natural Gas Heaters

There are numerous advantages in choosing gas over oil. Natural gas is more convenient, economical, and cleaner compared to oil, so it’s a great alternative for both residential and commercial properties. At Long Island Service, our team of dedicated technicians is licensed and professionally trained when it comes to converting heating systems.

If you want to convert your heating system from oil to gas, Long Island Service can help. We service the following areas: Long Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. If you live in these areas, you can avail of our free consultation so our HVAC technicians can assess your situation. Make sure to give us a call or send us an email!

Gas heaters are a more popular option, and here are five reasons why:

1.    Lower Utility Bills

By converting to gas heaters, you can save money on monthly energy bills. Natural gas heating systems consumer lesser energy than electric or oil gas heaters.

2.    Efficiency

By converting to natural gas, you can save about 30% on fuel costs because gas heating systems generally are more efficient, works faster, and produce more heat compared to oil or electric based heating systems.

3.    No Need to Monitor Fuel Levels

Oil-based heating systems require you to monitor your fuel levels to see if you’re running out of oil. With natural gas, you can eliminate the hassle of doing so since you’ll know when you need a refill.

4.    Convenience

You don’t have to rely on oil deliveries to keep you warm during the winter.

5.    Environmentally Friendly

With natural gas, you don’t have to use a tank, which could possibly cause an oil spill or leakage. Gasses are also one of the cleanest fossil fuel, making it more eco-friendly than oil. HVAC manufacturing companies now develop efficient gas-burning appliances that could lessen the amount of gas consumed.

Contact an HVAC Technician Before Switching from Oil to Gas

Before you make the switch, make sure to consider the following factors:

  1. The cost of making the switch. Contact Long Island Service to avail of our free in-house estimate.
  2. How long it takes to reimburse the cost of the conversion.
  3. The benefits and incentives you receive from converting from oil to gas.

At Long Island Service, we make sure that we provide our customers with a fast and easy oil to gas conversions. We do everything from locating the gas main to installing your gas-based heating system. When you choose Long Island Service, you can rest easy knowing that our HVAC technicians will take care of everything for you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and schedule your HVAC servicing today!