Service Contracts Long Island

Many homeowners take their HVAC units for granted. As long as it does its job of cooling and heating your home, you won’t bother to have it checked regularly. But without preventive maintenance, your HVAC unit will eventually become inefficient and would break down prematurely. To keep your HVAC systems in good condition, make sure to have them checked and serviced by a licensed HVAC company.

Long Island Service knows that you and your family deserve nothing but the best when it comes to your HVAC needs; that’s why we offer service contracts for the residents of Long Island and its surrounding cities.

What is a Service Contract?

A service contract or a maintenance agreement is a payment plan for routine HVAC service. At Long Island Service, our service contracts can help you save time and money on annual HVAC inspections.

Benefits of a Long Island Service Contract

Long Island Service makes sure that every service contract comes with irresistible perks, such as priority service, scheduled reminders, routine service, as well as pricing discounts. Here’s a list of additional benefits that are included in a Long Island Service Contract:

1.      Priority Service

With a service contract, you’re entitled to a priority service if you need to repair, replace, clean, or install your HVAC unit.

2.      Maintenance Documentation

For some HVAC owners, annual maintenance may be necessary to keep warranties valid. Long Island Service provides you with complete documentation of all the times your HVAC systems have been cleaned and serviced.

3.      Extended Lifespan of Equipment

Your HVAC system works all day to provide you and your family indoor comfort. To keep your air conditioning system in good condition, regular maintenance is a must. In fact, annual maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system by 50%. At Long Island Service, we care about your HVAC system. Our service contract includes annual comprehensive maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency for years to come.

4.      Energy Efficiency

The lack of regular maintenance will eventually take a toll on your HVAC system. Long Island Service aims to keep your HVAC unit remain energy-efficient for years to come. Our service contracts come with regular cleaning, maintenance, and inspections, ensuring maximum efficiency and extending the life of your unit. The more efficient your system is, the less energy it will take in, therefore, lowering your monthly utility bills.

5.      Lower Pricing

When you sign up with Long Island Service’s service contracts, you’ll enjoy additional benefits and cost savings! We offer exclusive perks and discounts for our service contract customers. Our dedicated staff and technicians will inform you of any of our seasonal promos.

6.      Preventive Maintenance

Through service contracts, you can correct potential problems before it worsens. When you sign up with our service contract, you’ll never skip on regular HVAC maintenance. As we conduct comprehensive inspections and maintenance, our skilled technicians are trained to identify and correct potential HVAC issues before they worsen.

Speak with an HVAC Technician Today!

At Long Island Service, we make sure that all of our services are performed by licensed HVAC technicians. All of our highly dependable staff undergo the necessary training in order to provide you with superior service. To know more about our service contracts, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our technicians today!